How can SCOE Teacher Induction (SCOE TI) support student achievement and your site goals?

Professional Growth

  • SCOE TI participants develop individualized professional growth goals designed to improve their application and reflection upon the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP) and the Continuum of Teaching Practice (CTP). The goal setting and formative assessment processes are designed to encompass each teacher’s unique context for teaching, their self-assessed areas for growth with input from the site administrator regarding each site’s unique goals. Teachers are encouraged to develop goals that align with their practice and may choose to use common grade level or site goals to ensure the professional growth process is streamlined and customized to each teacher’s needs.
  • Access to rich professional development aligned with the CSTP, Common Core, ELD and NGSS standards at our regular Saturday Seminars and other SCOE workshops.
  • Access to thousands of online resources through our customized SCOE TI Bloomboard page. This site is a collection of curated resources aligned to each SCOE TI Module as well as thousands of other resources teachers may use to customize their professional growth.

Support from Experienced Mentors

  • Teachers receive personalized coaching to help them develop and grow within their professional practice.
  • Mentors support teacher development through continuous reflection upon their practice, formative assessment processes, small and large group collaboration, and classroom observation.

Seminar Support

  • Each seminar offers teachers the opportunity to network with peers to hone problem-solving skills, reflect on their practice and use data to inform decision-making.
  • Seminars offer teachers the opportunity to focus their professional work within the CSTP and gather evidence from their classroom to guide next steps along the continuum of professional growth.